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    Colourshop – live music at Heathrow Terminal 2

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    Caffè Nero, Terminal 2 arrivals [Find on map]


    Saturday 6 May 2017, 12:00

    Hailing from a small town just outside Rome, brothers Diego and Alfredo Salvati now ply their trade as Colourshop with influences ranging from Pink Floyd and the Beatles to Italian pop and world music.

    Like so many, they were introduced to music by their parents. Returning from a business trip in Hungary, their father brought them a well-loved, but heavily beaten, Magyar guitar. So important was this instrument, no more than a wooden board with a few badly strung strings, that the brothers declare it to be the only guitar they would never get rid of.

    Meanwhile, their mother was a child of the 1960s, introducing her sons to the likes of John Fogerty, David Gilmour and George Harrison. The boys openly admit that the first songs they wrote had some "very strange influences", a concoction of rock‘n’roll and Italian pop, beaten out of an old red guitar.

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