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Mitigating noise and land use

Despite the major cuts in noise that have been delivered by new aircraft technology and operating practices, there are still homes in the noise footprints of most major airports in the world. For residents living in these properties, mitigation schemes and land-use planning can play an important role in reducing the impact of noise – for example, through noise insulation paid for by the airport, financial assistance with relocating to ‘quieter’ areas or restrictions on developments like houses or schools in the noisiest areas.

Heathrow offers help with noise mitigation to schools and over 40,000 homes around Heathrow, for example insulating against noise by upgrading the windows in the house. In addition, we campaign for local planning authorities to do more to use their powers to tackle the issue of noise.

Our commitments are to:

  • pilot new approaches to noise insulation with our Quieter Homes scheme. We intend to create an ongoing programme, incorporating the lessons learned from the pilot.
  • press the Government to provide guidance on planning around airports, to restrict noise sensitive development in high noise areas. Given the current absence of clear national policy, we will engage with local authorities on local planning strategy to ensure a more coherent and consistent approach.

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