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    SMS services

    Answers to frequently asked questions about Heathrow's Flying Messenger and Flying Messenger Plus SMS flight information services.

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    How soon do flight text alerts reach my mobile?

    It depends on the mobile networks, but messages typically take 10 to 15 seconds to get through, and 99% arrive within a minute.

    Can I use Flying Messenger overseas?

    The service is designed for use in the UK. It is not possible to use the text short code number 82222 for this service from within other countries.

    Where does the flight information come from?

    Flight updates come from the airlines and are stored in our flight information database, which powers Flying Messenger (and the arrival and departure screens in our terminals too).

    Can I cancel alerts after I've ordered them?

    Sorry, the Flying Messenger SMS service is fully automated. Once you've made a request there's no way to cancel it.

    How come I can receive other text messages but not Flying Messenger?

    This can happen if you're a pre-pay customer who has at some time run out of credit and then requested a reverse-charge SMS service. Your network operator may have barred you from receiving further reverse-charge SMS services, even if you've since topped up your credit. Ask your network operator to unbar your number.

    My question hasn't been answered. Who should I contact for help?

    If you have any feedback on our SMS flight information service, please use our online feedback form.