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    Christmas FAQs

    If you want to find out more about what is happening at Heathrow over the festive period, here are some of our most popular questions.

    Have you got any tips on getting through the UK border faster?

    Christmas is a busy time at Heathrow and the Government has prepared some useful advice on how you to prepare so that you have much better experience. Visit

    Can I carry Christmas crackers in my hand baggage?

    If your airline gives permission, Christmas crackers are permitted to pass through security if they are in their original retail packaging. Each airline is different so we recommend that you speak to them before you pack.

    Can I carry party poppers?

    No. Party poppers are not permitted in either cabin or hold/checked baggage

    Will I have to unwrap Christmas gifts in my hand baggage at security?

    If you’re carrying Christmas gifts in your hand baggage we suggest you leave them unwrapped wherever possible to avoid inconvenience and delay. Our teams will try to accommodate wrapped gifts but you may be asked to unwrap an item to allow our security teams to complete a search. Christmas presents are subject to all of the usual security restrictions so please ensure that you only bring items which are permitted, even if they are presents. Visit our security and baggage FAQs.

    Can I carry a snow globe in my hand baggage?

    The 100ml liquid rule applies to snow globes. It can be difficult to assess how much liquid is in a snow globe, so we advise passengers to pack these in their hold baggage. Visit our security and baggage FAQs.

    Will the shops and restaurants at Heathrow be open during the Christmas period?

    Yes, all shops and restaurants will be open as usual throughout the holiday season, including on Christmas Day. Don’t forget you can pre-order items online before you fly and pick them up when you arrive in the departure lounge. Browse Heathrow Boutique.

    Will transport be operating around Christmas?

    There will be a reduced service during the festive period and only National Express coaches and taxis/ minicabs will be running on Christmas Day. See our Christmas and New Year travel page.

    What’s going on at the airport to celebrate Christmas?

    This year we have plenty of festive music performances and a whole lot more. see our Special Events page..