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    Collect Points On Every Purchase

    There’s so many ways to collect points and reward yourself. The things you are doing anyways could be adding up and rewarding you. Earn points on shopping, eating and drinking, parking, Heathrow Express, hotels, lounges, even by exchanging some currency.

    £10 = 10 points

    Premium Members Earn Double*

    Collecting points in the terminals

    Collecting points in the terminals

    Description: There are a few ways to earn points in the terminals. You can earn points on your food purchases, drinks, shopping, and even exchanging currency.

    Collecting points in the terminals
    Getting to and from the airport

    Getting to and from the airport

    Description: Whether you get the Heathrow Express or take advantage of Heathrow parking. Just remember to apply you Heathrow Rewards card and you can redeem points on both methods of travel.

    All the ways to collect points

    • Shopping

      Whether you chose to Reserve & Collect, Collect On Return, shop in the traditional manner or enlisted the help of a free personal shopper* (*Must spend more than £500). You can earn points on it all.

    • Lounges

      Collect points while you relax in our partner paid for lounges. Bottom Body Category 3 Header: Heathrow Express

    • Heathrow Express

      Collect points on your Heathrow Express journey when you book online or book via the Heathrow Express app.

    • Food & Drink

      There are over 36 retailors that provide food and drinks, purchase anything from any of them and collect points on your purchase.

    • Heathrow Parking

      Short Stay, Long Stay, Business, Meet & Greet, Pod parking, or Valet Parking. It doesn’t matter how you park at Heathrow, you’ll earn points for them all.

    • Currency Exchange

      Exchange money at Heathrow and you’ll collect points for the conversion.

    • Premium Services

      There are a range of premium services on offer at Heathrow airport. Whether you need us to handle your luggage from Point A to Point B, arrange to sail through security, or enjoy VIP treatment, Heathrow covers it all.

    • Hotel Partners

      Collect between 500 & 10,000 points when you sleep with Rocket Miles.