Terminal Drop-Off Charge

From 1 November 2021, a £5 charge will apply for vehicles dropping off passengers at the designated drop-off zones, located directly outside the terminals. Discounts and exemptions will apply. Free drop-off will be available at the Long Stay car parks.

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Changes to entering the UK using EU ID cards

From 1 October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss nationals will need to use a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document to enter the UK, though some exemptions will apply. 

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    Q&A - Stan and Victoria

    Q&A with Svetoslav ‘Stan’ Nikolov and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection robot ‘Victoria’


    We caught up with Svetoslav ‘Stan’ Nikolov, from the Terminal 5 hygiene team, to ask him about his experience filming the series, and working with ultraviolet (UV) disinfection robot ‘Victoria’.

    What’s your job role, and how long have you been at Heathrow?

    I’m a Terminal 5 Duty Manager for Mitie, so I oversee and monitor how our hygiene equipment, such as the terminal’s new UV sanitising robots, ‘Victoria’ and ‘Kelly’, is operating, including training colleagues on the correct procedures and standards. I’ve been at Heathrow for five years. My sixth year started on 4 January this year!

    How did you feel filming for HBBA, and what was the process like? 

    I was excited and curious, but it was my first time in front of the cameras, so I was a little bit nervous! We started with an explanation of how the UV robot works, and then walked through the process. As the machine started sanitising the toilets, we showed how the robot sends information to the operator during the cleaning process, and lets the operator know the cleaning has finished via a hand-held tablet. After cleaning we checked the level of hygiene with an ATP rapid testing kit.

    What’s it been like working at Heathrow during the pandemic?

    I think not only for me, but for all my colleagues, the last year has been very memorable. At the beginning of the pandemic we started to increase our intelligent cleaning technology, including new machines like the UV robots, which have given us more opportunity to maintain a high level of hygiene. We also started to use new kinds of chemicals, which reduce levels of bacteria on surfaces. The pandemic has provided the cleaning team with a lot of new challenges, such as the increased frequency of cleaning, because standards need to be even higher than they were before.

    Where are you most looking forward to travelling to when you can?

    Following a difficult year, I am looking forward to travelling safely. I think in the future there is going to be change in our options for when you can travel and book holidays. But I am optimistic and hope that everything will be back to normal shortly. The best holiday time for me is whenever I am with my family.