Making it homeMakes it Christmas

Coming home to the ones you love at holiday time is a wonderful feeling. So whoever you are flying to, make your way back to them this season with Edward and Doris at Heathrow.

Watch the full return of Heathrow's favourite bears

Christmas tree Christmas presents Sillouette of a bear with question mark

Which Bear are you?

Are you an 'emergency' Edward or a 'done' Doris? Find out which member of the Bair family you are most like in our Christmas quiz.

Now meet the rest of the family

Our favourite furry family have their very own family tree. From the ever-adventurous Edward and Doris Bair to the un-bear-ably cute Baby Grisley-Bair, get to know four generations of friendly paw-sonalities in the Bairs family.

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Favourite Christmas Song

Plan your trip through Heathrow

Whether it's pre-booking car parking or help finding that perfect Christmas gift, we're here to make your homecoming a smooth one.

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