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Retail Travel Services

The Heathrow Retail Services Team is responsible for managing all other commercial services that sit outside of retail concessions such as car parking, car rental and more. There are a number of things we look for when selecting potential new business partners, including:

  • Established retail business, recognised brand name and trading experience on the high street or at other airports.
  • Details of the retail or service proposal.
  • Background to the concept and relevance to the airport environment.
  • Detailed information on our specific target audience (age, gender, nationality etc).
  • Initial financial projections.
  • Trading history and/or experience in this sector.
  • Locations currently being operated (in the UK or overseas).
  • Company background and strategy.
  • Registered company and number.

Personal rapid transit (PRT)

Ultra personal rapid transit (PRT) is a new and innovative on-demand system for developed or urban environments. Small, driverless electric vehicles run on a designated guideway and provide transport that is environmentally friendly and operationally efficient, offering a personal service with no waiting, taking passengers non-stop to their chosen destination. The world's first Ultra system, Heathrow Pod, began public service in 2011 and will carry around 500,000 passengers per year from the Terminal 5 business car park to the main terminal.


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