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Responsible Procurement

Heathrow's aspiration is to be one of the most responsible airports in the world. Responsible Procurement supports Responsible Heathrow 2020 and is incorporated throughout our Supply Chain. The procurement decisions we make directly impact our ability to achieve our Responsible Heathrow commitments.

Responsible Heathrow is our commitment to supporting the UK and local economies whilst managing our impacts on communities and the environment.


Reducing environmental impacts

International airports like Heathrow have significant impacts on the environment.

By working closely with our people, other Heathrow companies, national and international organisations, we can focus on being a world class leader in managing and reducing these impacts.

  Our commitment How we expect our suppliers to support us
Climate Change Reduce emissions from our buildings and vehicles, and work with partners to reduce emissions that they are responsible for Review the energy use associated with operations and demonstrate and act on what needs to be done differently to reduce it
Noise Reduce the impact of noise from the airport and support local communities with noise mitigation and compensation schemes Assess the risk of causing nuisance to sensitive local community receptors from noise emissions.  Work within the local community to mitigate.
Local Air Pollution Work with partners to reduce emissions from aircraft, buildings and vehicles and act as a responsible neighbour Review the local air emissions associated with vehicle use and actively work on how this can be reduced
Waste Maximise the reduction, re- use and recycling of our waste To set out and actively implement a Waste Management Plan showing how to prevent, reuse or recycle any waste resulting from their contract at Heathrow. Consider low environmental impact materials where appropriate
Water & biodiversity Manage our water sustainably by sourcing responsibly, controlling efficiency, managing disposal, and monitoring our impacts on local watercourses Review the consumption of water associated with operations and actively work on how to reduce it. Be aware where operations could impact an environmental permit owned by HAL. Ensure that operations will avoid harm or adverse impacts on ecology

Looking after passengers and our people

Heathrow has important responsibilities as a provider of services to millions of people every year and as an employment site with over 76,000 people working here. We are committed to looking after the interests of passengers and our people, prioritising their safety and wellbeing at all times.

We expect our suppliers to share this commitment through demonstrating that they have the policies, processes and procedures in place to maintain a safe and healthy place of work when working at Heathrow.

  Our commitment Supporting Heathrow's aspiration via supply chain
Health and safety Ensure that nobody at the airport is affected by accident, illness or injury.
  • Have the right Health and Safety policies and processes in place
  • Engage with Heathrow on Safety issues where relevenat
  • Have a safe approach in place
Our People Make Heathrow a great place to work Provide evidence of the policies and processes your company has in place to support the following:
  • Fair employment practices including labour standards and human rights
  • Workforce welfare - wages, benefits and working hours
  • Equlaity and Diversity
  • Good governance and anti-corruption