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Practical details

Technical specifications

All projects require complete installation packs from the supplier/brand installer to include:

  • Specific drawings and dimensions of all units preferably in CAD format.
  • Manufacturer specifications and fire certificates for all materials being used.
  • Detailed electrical wiring diagrams.
  • Pat testing certificates are required for portable electrical items.
  • Structural calculations and risk of bomb shatter.
  • Evidence of public liability insurance to the value of £5m for landside areas and £50m for airside locations.
  • Special detail regarding potential security risks (eg where that items can be hidden in builds, especially landside features).
  • Complete Risk assessments and provide Method Statement for approval prior to installation.

In addition to the information required for installation all exhibitors must undertake the following steps and considerations. Your Expo Account Manager will assist in this process.

  • All Installation staff must have attended the contractors' health and safety course.
  • Fire specifications must be met in accordance with Heathrow policy. Details of this are specific to location and can be obtained from your Account Manager.
  • A Retail Facilities Permits to Work must be obtained.
  • Retail Facilities can assist with specific install detail, e.g. removal of forecourt bollards, hoarding company's and third party electrician contacts.
  • All relevant access and identification passes must be obtained:
  • For airside installations contractors require full airside passes or contract an ID passes agency for escorts.
  • Forms will be supplied and processed by your account manager.
  • All staff working in connection with the stand must also obtain relevant passes. Large items and liquids required for airside installations have to be transported via the Heathrow Retail Consolidation Centre. Any individual logo or advertising may only take up a maximum of 5% of the overall surface area of the exhibit. Any use of the Heathrow logo must be submitted to the Account Manager for approval.

Staff, maintenance, cleaning etc

  • All staff working on an Expo site will require staff passes. These will be arranged by a member of the Expo team and staff will be required to full out a required form for clearance.
  • Staff must be well dressed, well spoken, polite and friendly to all passengers.
  • Staff belongings, spare promotional literature etc. must be kept in the supplied storage area and out of sight.
  • The area must be kept clean, tidy and functional at all times. This is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • A full clean of the area is required after the display is moved from the site.
  • All rubbish must be removed from site; larger packaging must be disposed of immediately and not in Heathrow bins.

Hours of operation

  • Expo sites will need to be active for all hours of operation.
  • These can be supplied by a member of the Expo team.
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