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What is Expo?

Expo iconExpo is a programme of creative display activity in Heathrow's terminals. It aims to provide inspiring and thought-provoking content celebrating the best of the UK and reflecting London's position as a responsible global citizen.

Expo may showcase events and experiences often tied into the national and global calendar. Some Expo spaces are allocated footprints in Terminal 5, both before and after security. Other installations may be more integrated into the terminals to create a multi-touchpoint experience or an element of 'wow' factor.

Creativity is key to the success of Expo and can be a complete sensory experience utilising sight, sound, touch and even taste and smell.

Expo partners may be charitable, artistic, cultural or sporting-based organisations supported by commercial sponsors. Although it is not sales promotional activity it may be funded, sponsored or partnered by a commercial brand to demonstrate a product or service; however, above-the-line advertising shouldn't be the primary function of the activity.

Expo facilitates a unique way of connecting and interacting with a valuable, influential and international audience at Heathrow. Expo does not just connect with a consumer audience but also with a high-value B2B audience. In brief, Expo creates credible, enormously powerful and long-lasting global PR as well as creating experiential connections between consumers and partner brands.

Want to get involved with Expo?

Our audience is highly engaged and just waiting to be entertained and captivated. If you want to connect with them via Expo, here are some guiding principles to a successful showcase:

  • Intriguing: generates interest and uses space well.
  • Relevant: connects with the individual.
  • Engaging: draws in the individual and holds their attention.
  • Entertaining: surprises and delights passengers in some way.
  • Interactive: allows the individual to have some form of experience.
  • Intuitive: is simple and easy to interact with.
  • Sustainable: has minimal impact on the environment.
  • Respectful: communicates in a tone appropriate for all people.
  • Responsible: considered and appropriate messages.

Download the Expo brochure (3MB PDF)


Once you start with working with us, you will need to know the technical specifications and any other requirements – please see the practical details page to find out about technical specifications, staff information, maintenance, cleaning and hours of operation.

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