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Heathrow's Development directorate leads our infrastructure programmes and plays a leading role in the transformation of the airport.

Our programmes and projects range from refurbishment projects to entire new terminal complexes costing billions of pounds.

We deliver Heathrow's capital investment programme in consultation with airport users through established forums, which are outlined below.

If you are an airport user and wish to become involved in any of these key forums, please email

Consultation forum structure

  1. Planning and Regulation Board
  2. CIP Working Group
  3. Eastern Campus SPB *
  4. Western Baggage Product & Baggage Strategy SPB *
  5. Terminal 3 SPB *
  6. Terminal 4 SPB *
  7. Terminal 5 SPB *
  8. Infrastructure SPB *
  9. Surface Access SPB *
  10. Q6 Portfolio Stakeholder Board
  11. IT Working Group
  12. Airline Relocations Working Group

Consultation forums

Detailed forum terms of reference are available on request from

Planning and Regulation Board

The senior group of airline and airport representatives, with the capacity to debate strategic issues, resolve differences and direct airport-wide consultation.

CIP Working Group

The group's objective is develop a common understanding between airport and airlines over programmes' status, governance, performance monitoring and the impact of significant changes.

Stakeholder programme boards (SPBs)

The following boards provide stakeholders with an overview of relevant Development projects, and ensure that airlines and other key stakeholders are engaged so that project objectives and benefits are achieved. The boards track and review progress, milestones and issues against the plan.

  • Eastern Campus Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Western Baggage Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Infrastructure Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Terminal 3 Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Terminal 4 Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Terminal 5 Stakeholder Programme Board
  • Surface Access Stakeholder Programme Board.

Q6 Portfolio Stakeholder Board

This stakeholder board, made up of airline and airport representatives, focuses on solutions and capital investment options for Q6, in advance of the Civil Aviation Authority's final determination. It will cease to exist by 31 March 2014.

IT Working Group

Ensures that IT projects have been through adequate consultation as set out by the regulator. This includes consultation over risk, change control, gateway process and value for money.

Airline Relocations Working Group

Set up to jointly ensure successful completion of the Airline Relocation Project, ensuring that airport, airline and handler plans are integrated.

Consultation forum calendar

View meeting dates for the consultation forums.

Consultation forum calendar (182KB PDF)

Heathrow document-sharing website

Heathrow Development shares key project documentation and consultation forum documents online. To request access, please email

Consultation and Information Protocol

The format of our stakeholder engagement and consultation, and the information we have to provide, are strictly controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and described in its Heathrow Consultation and Information Protocol.

Visit the CAA website

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