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  • Welcome to Volunteer plus

    A scheme introduced by Heathrow to enable colleagues to give something back to our local communities.

    A scheme launched by Heathrow designed to make it easier for our colleagues to give something back to our local communities by offering their time, skills, expertise and experience.

    As we have almost 7,000 colleagues, working across broad sections of the business, it means we have a wide variety of people and skill-sets to draw upon and help your organisation grow.


    "I have a potential volunteering opportunity; how do I register for the scheme?"

    In order for us to share your opportunity with our colleagues and find the best possible match, we need you to complete 3 simple pre-enrolment steps:

    1. Your opportunity will be added to an internal database for colleagues to review and self-select a match. We would therefore ask you to send us a short (200-word maximum) overview about your organisation. We welcome photos and links to social media or your webpage for the colleague to learn more. Please use this form.

    2. To help our colleagues understand whether it is the right match for them, please be clear on what you are looking for. For example:

    • are you looking fo support for a single activity or event, or would you like our volunteers to help you on a regular basis?
    • what level of skills do you require?
    • do you have an opportunity for a team, or a single volunteer?

    3. If any of your volunteering opportunities involve manual labour then we will l require a copy of your risk assessment for the activities, to be completed and sent to We will also need a copy of your public liability insurance.

    4. If you need help with completing this, don't worry, we can help with that too, just let us know.


    "I have completed the pre-enrolment steps, what happens now?"

    Once we have everything that we need, we will add your opportunity to our volunteering database for our colleagues to review and sign up to. It may be that a perfect match doesn't happen immediately, but we will keep a close eye on it, and keep you updated. When our volunteer spends time with you, we ask that you treat them as one of your own. Through volunteering our colleagues can develop new skills, improve their confidence and share their story with others, helping more people connect with the community - something we really value at Heathrow.