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  • Heathrow’s AvGeek of the Month – Wael AL-Qutub

    The winner of Heathrow Airport’s April #AvGeek of the Month is Wael AL-Qutub.

    Wael, (also known as cedarjet201) is an aviation enthusiast and an incredible plane spotter who enjoys taking photographs at Heathrow Airport.

    We’ve caught up with the #avgeek to find out more about his aviation experience and shared a great selection of his photographs for you to enjoy! 

    Age: 34 

    Location: London

    All 3

    Ever since I was a child, it’s always been my dream to become a pilot. Unfortunately, due to unfortunate financial reasons, I could not afford getting a license to become a pilot. Although this was a drawback, I strengthened my aviation enthusiasm by photographing aircraft landing at Heathrow, this really got me attached to aviation and still does until today. Every day I look forward to plane spotting and I fly frequently on flight simulators to keep my mind fresh and learn about aviation every single day.

    What I love about Heathrow is how busy it always is. I am very impressed by the number of aircraft coming from different parts of the world per hour, this is fascinating! In a matter of minutes, you can spot many aircraft coming in from Paris, New York, Cape Town, Tokyo, Beirut, Dubai… And let’s not forget the variety of aircrafts that fly into Heathrow, from the Dash 8 to the Airbus A380, it is extremely impressive! I would stand for hours on my feet and never feel tired of taking photographs. 

    My favourite aircraft livery at Heathrow has to be Middle East Airlines (MEA), it emotionally attaches me to a part of the world I admire and love very much. What I also love is that many airlines send their special liveries  to Heathrow Airport and this drives me to go spotting every time I find out a special aircraft is landing or departing Heathrow.

    Instagram: Cedarjet201
    Twitter: @Cedarjet201

    • Never let your dream in aviation down, do your best to pursue it.
    • It is a very small community compared to other communities, let’s all bring ourselves closer.
    • If you’re not sure where to take pictures then check out this helpful website for guided information

    The aerodynamics of the aircraft always surprise me, sometimes I would stare at an aircraft taking off and admire how it lifts off the ground. One other thing I’d never forget (and I always wait for when I fly), is the spool up of the Airbus 330-200 Rolls-Royce engines spooling up!

    Think you know someone who should be Heathrow #AvGeek of the month?