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  • This week’s #lifeatheathrow featured photo is courtesy of Neil Martin, a Senior Airfield Officer who has been working at Heathrow since he was 15 years old.

    Neil’s image – “Water versus fire” – captures our amazing firefighters during one of their simulated training exercises using a mock-up 747/MD11 aircraft. We’ve caught up with Neil to find out more about his career at Heathrow.

    A day in the Life Q&A:

    I have worked at the airport since 1995 but began working for Heathrow Airport Limited in 2006.

    Exciting, bustling hub

    No two days are the same and I never know know what each day will bring. I perform aircraft leader duties, aircraft marshalling, taxiway and runway inspections and wildlife dispersal. My team and I are the airport’s safety department and therefore help keep the airfield a safe environment for both the aircraft and the personnel who work there.

    One day I had a Virgin Atlantic captain accompany me for a photography day which we fitted in around my daily duties. If you love civil aircraft and meeting new people, this job is the best on the airport, in my humble opinion.

    I consider myself privileged that my job affords me the freedom to roam the taxiways, giving me many opportunities to photograph civil aircraft, a life-long passion of mine.

    I would say I have several vantage points and it all depends on which runways are in use and where the sun is.

    Marshalling the Queen’s flight onto the Royal Suite in 2006.

    I do photography in my spare time and I’m a keen auction goer, always looking for a bargain. I enjoy travelling and I’m currently working through my ‘wish-list’ of places to visit in the world, Vietnam, Cambodia and Poland are next year’s destinations.