Apprenticeship courses

Length of programmes (approx)

Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2): 13 months
Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3): 15 months
Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4-7): 18 months
Degree Apprenticeship (Level 6-7): 48 months
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Customer service

This programme has a focus on recognising the importance of supplying quality service when dealing with customers, developing and demonstrating that customer needs are effectively met.

Performance must be demonstrated to show:

  • Managing personal performance and development
  • Developing customer relationships
  • Exceeding customer expectations.

Security learners only:

  • Additional security units
  • Managing conflict
  • Responding to an incident.

Retail skills

Retail focuses on delivering excellent customer service whilst understanding and making the most of every sale in the retail environment.

Units include:

  • Working effectively in your team
  • Processing payments for purchases
  • Helping customers choose products
  • Placing goods and materials into storage
  • Displaying and replenishing stock to promote sales.


Employees who have at least 12 months’ experience in a management role would benefit from completing the management certificate.

This programme covers a range of management activities including:

  • Leadership and direction
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Delegating
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Building and maintaining teams
  • Managing the achievement of customer satisfaction
  • Taking effective decisions
  • Managing risk in own area of responsibility.

Team leading

The team leading programme is an ideal starting point for supervisors/managers who have recently been promoted to a managerial position and have responsibility for managing team members.

Core areas of assessment:

  • Providing leadership for your team
  • Developing relationships with colleagues
  • Managing personal development
  • Communicating work-related information
  • Managing conflict.

Security learners only:

  • Additional security units
  • Submitting and gathering information
  • Conducting an investigation.

Hospitality services

Hospitality services is aimed at those working, or seeking to start a career in hospitality. It covers a breadth of hospitality functions including all the main career pathways in this diverse industry.

Subjects that may be included in the programme:

  • Maintenance of a safe, hygienic and secure working environment
  • Working effectively as part of a team
  • Giving customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
  • Maintaining food safety.

Hospitality supervision and leadership

This is an ideal qualification for Supervisors and Managers to build upon and develop their leadership skills. It is designed specifically for the hospitality sector, making it invaluable for your working environment.

Core areas of assessment:

  • Set objectives and provide support for team members
  • Develop working relationships with colleagues
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety and security of the working environment.

Kitchen services

Designed for those working or seeking employment within a kitchen environment. It covers a variety of areas from cooking to managing resources, as well as food safety.

Core areas of assessment:

  • Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food
  • Working effectively as part of a hospitality team
  • Maintenance of a safe, hygienic and secure working environment.

Aviation and logistics

Core areas of assessment for ramp roles:

  • Load and unload an aircraft
  • Recognise airside hazards and minimise risk
  • Operate specialist equipment in an airport environment
  • Contribute to the maintenance of aviation health, safety and security
  • Operate a vehicle airside.

Core areas of assessment for customer service roles:

  • Deal with difficult passengers
  • Deliver reliable customer service
  • Provide a ticket desk service
  • Check in aviation passengers
  • Maintain effective working practices within aviation.

Warehouse and storage

Designed for those working in warehouse and storage. The aim of the qualification is to contribute to skills, knowledge and the overall performance of the logistics industry’s workforce.

Provides an insight into the principles and processes of warehousing:

  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Developing effective working relationships with colleagues in a logistic operation
  • Operating equipment in a logistic environment
  • Processing goods for customers.

Business administration

Business administration is one of the most important skills to possess, regardless of the occupation.

Subjects that may be included in the programme:

  • Carrying out your responsibilities at work
  • Communicating effectively
  • Improving own performance and behaving in a way that encourages effective working
  • Working within a business environment supporting its purpose and values.