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Commute by motorcycle

Bus from Slough to Heathrow

Heathrow Motorcycling Group

Heathrow’s motorcycle group has been formed to support colleagues who travel to and from work by motorcycle. Here are just some of the free benefits on offer to members of the group:

  • Training sessions provided by Bikesafe
  • Motorcycle parking (available to all our airport wide colleagues)
  • Changing and drying room facilities
  • Access to the Heathrow Rider Forum


BikeSafe is run by Police Forces around the UK who work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle casualties. By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists aim to help riders to become safer and more competent. They seek to raise awareness of common causes of crashes, point out common riding faults and help riders to increase their ability and confidence, so they can get even more enjoyment from riding their machines.

Details of BikeSafe activities provided by Heathrow police force can be accessed via

Scooters, mopeds and light motorcycles

Different training approaches may be needed for different kinds of rider. Riders of scooters, mopeds and light motorcycles may feel that they do not have so much in common with riders of sports bikes.

Trainers can offer options for scooter riders which address their particular needs. Those who have yet to take their test maybe are eligible for additional training after CBT. 

Details of ScooterSafe activities can be accessed via

Company bike instead of company car?

For those eligible, Heathrow may choose to offer the option of a company motorcycle instead of a company car. Again, where this will be used for work purposes, key issues which will need additional focus in risk assessment include, rider fitness and competence, suitability of the machine type and model to both the rider. 

Please contact your HR administrator and register your interest.

Motorcycle events

Heathrow Safety on ‘ride-outs’ and trips organised from Compass Centre.

Watch this space for an airport wide events rider calendar.

Heathrow Rider forum

The Heathrow Rider forum seeks the views and participation of existing riders, whilst promoting and raising awareness of motorcycling to work. We also:

  • Help to organise ‘Ride-to-work’ days visit
  • Develop advice about safer routes and avoidance of local road hazards
  • Continually examine site transport safety and security measures to ensure they meet motorcyclists’ needs
  • Provide sufficient secure motorcycle parking
  • Ensure changing and drying room facilities are available at terminals to help to cater for the needs of all-weather riders


Motorcyclists can park free of charge at Heathrow in dedicated motorbike parks. Riders should not use the car parking bays.

Motorcycle park locations

  • Terminal 2: On Conway Road. Access via Inner Ring East
  • Terminal 3: At the back of Short Stay Car Park 1A/5, to the right of the exit. Access is via Chester Road
  • Terminal 4: Opposite the arrivals forecourt
  • Terminal 5: Next to the short stay car park

Please note: for security reasons, motorcycles will be removed if parked anywhere other than the designated areas.


Remember to lock your motorcycles securely as there has been some reported thefts across colleague car parking.