Towards a ZE ground fleet

Towards a Zero Emission Ground Fleet

This seminar is looked at Heathrow’s commitment to a significant increase in electric vehicles at the airport by 2020 and the potential future for hydrogen vehicles. Matt Gorman head of environment at Heathrow set out their vision and commitment to 2020 and then Liz Heagerty from Heathrow described the progress made so for in working towards these commitments. Billu Kler from BA then presented on an operators view of going electric and their experiences so far.

The second session looked to the future and the potential for hydrogen vehicles. We had Simona Webb talking about the activities of the London Hydrogen Partnership and their HyFive project, along with David Yorke from Tower Transit giving an update on the experience with Hydrogen buses in London.

Alongside the presentation there was the chance to view hydrogen vehicles from the HyFive project and some of the EV’s being used by operators at the airport.