CVP Seminar – Heathrow 2.0 update, the carbon picture and technology for a low carbon future

Wednesday 4th July, 09:30 - 14:00, Heathrow Academy

This seminar featured several insightful presentations including Kathryn Leahy describing her personal journey through Heathrow 2.0, as well as an update on the strategy and achievements to date; Chris Dodwell from Ricardo providing a very clear and logical overview of the carbon story and how international summits and agreements have shaped UK specific carbon targets; Mark Reynolds from the Carbon Trust explained that several organisations are now setting their own science based targets; We also had Steve Armitage update the membership regarding the autonomous and connected vehicle trials that have taken place at Heathrow; While Nissan and Hydrogen Hub presented their insights about the contributions that can be made from electric and hydrogen applications to reducing carbon emissions.

The presentations can be viewed by following the link below, and there is also a video of an autonomous vehicle driving at the airport.

Heathrow 2.0 update, the UK carbon picture and technology for a low carbon future presentations.


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