CVP Awards 2017

We are delighted that our inaugural CVP Awards was a huge success, with fantastic applications in all the categories and some great presentations on the night. Matt Gorman, Heathrow Environment and Sustainability Director, kicked off the evening’s celebrations by outlining Heathrow’s strategy and accomplishments to date. Then each of the winners showcased their success while a judging panel assessed each of the winners’ achievements and awarded the overall CVP Champion to Wilson James.

If you were unable to attend the event, or you want to relive the action, then each of the winners presentations and a few pictures have been laid out below. You can see Matt Gorman’s presentation and a few words from our sponsors here.

The Ferrovial team

CVP Leader Award was designed to recognise the business that has shown a commitment to fleet emissions improvement and sustainability over the long term, as well as disseminating best practice improvements.

The shortlisted organisations were:

  • First Berkshire
  • Mace
  • MJM Industrial
  • Wilson James

Wilson James had an excellent submission, in particular they have:

  • Replaced their escort fleet of diesel transit vans with Nissan leafs and Nissan e-NV200 vans, replaced older HGVs with Euro 6 vehicles. Replaced all other fleet that is less than 3.5 tonnes with fully electric, ahead of 2020 target under Heathrow 2.0. By switching the escort fleet to EVs they save 19 tonnes of C02e and 1 tonne of NOx annually.
  • Exceeded the Heathrow requirement of becoming FORS bronze accredited and achieved FORS Gold in early 2017 and is now a FORS Champion. Integrated the driver training into their learning platform.
  • Supported best practice through active membership of the CVP, FREVUE, FORS, CLOCs and LoCity. They also ensured the charge points at the CLC are available to other delivery vehicles and contractors.

Due to their commitment to improving their fleet Wilson James were also awarded the overall CVP Champion 2017.

Wilson James share their achievements.


The Wilson James team

CVP Innovator Award was designed to recognise the business that has trialled or implemented cutting edge technology ahead of current practice and beyond current commercial availability.

The shortlisted organisations were:

  • BA
  • DHL
  • Dnata
  • MJM Industrial

BA had an excellent submission, in particular they have:

  • Trialled and now commenced implementation of 28 zero emission, remote controlled aircraft pushback tugs for the entire shorthaul operation in Terminal 5A at Heathrow (one per stand). A first for any major International Airport.
  • Developed, in partnership with HAL, NATS and CAA, operating procedures, training and user operating permits that comply with regulatory and airport operational procedures. The design, in combination with a wireless headset, allows for a single man push operation, reducing the number of people exposed to working in a hazardous environment.
  • Estimated savings of approximately 7.4m kg of CO2 per year and 27,000 kg of NOx per year

BA Share their achievements


CVP Improver Award was designed to recognise the business that has shown the greatest improvement in fleet emissions over the year.

The shortlisted organisations were:

  • AVIS Budget
  • Dnata
  • Ferrovial
  • Wilson James

Ferrovial had an excellent submission, in particular they have:

  • Invested in EVs to reduce the carbon emissions from their fleet
  • Invested in driver training and telematics to improve the emissions from conventionally fuelled vehicles. The training was provided to all employees.
  • Improved emissions from employee commuting by introducing car sharing and discouraging single-occupancy car use.

Ferrovial share their achievements.