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Being a better neighbour

Heathrow has a strong and enduring commitment to support the communities around the airport and want the area around Heathrow to be a great place to live. We are committed to helping communities thrive and improving the local quality of life.

Heathrow Better Neighbour Annual Report 2017

This short report sets out what we’ve achieved in 2017 to deliver on this pledge. Along with Heathrow’s Sustainability Progress Report, the activity covered in this report sets out what we’ve achieved in delivering against the commitments made as part of Heathrow 2.0, Heathrow’s Sustainability Strategy. Click here to view the report

Community Investment

Heathrow's community investment programme aims to support the economic prosperity of the communities surrounding the airport: Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough and Spelthorne.

Community Investment Programme 2018

Community investment at a glance - 2018 (2MB PDF)

Community investment 2018 - Ealing (1MB PDF)

Community investment 2018 - Hillingdon (1MB PDF)

Community investment 2018 - Hounslow (1MB PDF)

Community investment 2018 - Slough (1MB PDF)

Community investment 2018 - Spelthorne (1MB PDF)