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  • Our story

    Our Customer Relations and Service department is the face of our organisation. By working in our customer service team, you’ll help us to make every journey better. We keep things flowing smoothly and instinctively understand what makes different people tick. Life in this team means being friendly, focused and helpful. We are the kind of people who step in before we’re even asked. And because we want everyone to feel engaged and happy, we give our colleagues all the training and support they need to be at their best and grow their skills.

    Fun facts

    Explore Heathrow, a city within a city.

    With defibrillators everywhere and customer service colleagues fully trained in managing first aid and medical emergencies, Heathrow is one of the safest places in the UK in which to have a heart attack, with a survival rate of well over 80%.

    On 4 August 2019, precisely 262,271 passengers travelled through Heathrow which is our busiest day ever recorded.

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