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  • Customer Director

    I first joined Heathrow in 2010 after eleven years in the retail industry. The first thing that stood out to me on becoming a colleague was a sense of belonging and the importance of ensuring that we always do the right thing by both our people and our passengers. This welcome and approach has stuck with me throughout my career.

    Over the next six years I had a fantastic journey of development and progression within the organisation. My first role was as a Terminal Security Manager; I then went on to become an Assurance Manager and finally, a Head of Security with the responsibility of closing Terminal 1. To date this has been one of the most exciting and challenging opportunities of my career. Following this, I decided to leave Heathrow for a short while with the intention of stretching myself, honing my commercial skills and developing a greater understanding of the diverse needs of different customers. However, it was always a dream of mine to return one day.

    After three years, I felt I had developed sufficiently to re-join the business in the role of Customer Director within our Commercial team. In my time away, the business has moved forwards in many positive and exciting ways, but two important things have remained – the sense of welcome and the want to ensure that we always do the right thing.

    After a year of heading up our Customer agenda, I was targeted to develop and lead Heathrow’s Security Transformation Programme. 

    In my role as Programme Director, I am responsible for the leadership of the biggest change in security in over a decade with the ambition to deliver world leading customer service through improved technology and an enhanced colleague proposition. 

    Delivering this programme requires high levels engagement from across the business, tapping into specialist knowledge to assist in the development of the optimum security solution.

    Ellie Wilford - Business Resilience Partner

    Business Resilience

    Ellie Wilford

    Kara Reed - Business Change Manager

    Business Change Manager

    Kara Reed

    Kara Reed - Business Change Manager