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  • Sustainability Intern

    I have been lucky to work on a number of interesting projects over the past year, including organising the annual Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Masterclass. I was able to build my experience in Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Team-Work, all complimented by my involvement completing the annual Intern Project. We were tasked with growing passenger engagement with our charity partner, Care International. This project presented the chance to be a Project Lead, a brilliant experience working alongside 6 individuals to deliver inspirational solutions to this business challenge. With happiness I can share the news that work to implement our team’s solutions is currently underway, a very satisfying result that emphasises the potential scope we have as interns to make a positive difference at Heathrow.

    Having grown up as a member of the local community, I have always been in awe of the airport’s size and scale. The opportunity to become part of Team Heathrow, grow my understanding and play a direct role in strengthening Heathrow’s reputation and delivering Heathrow’s vision has brought a lot of job satisfaction and I am proud to help develop this “mini-city”.

    Utilising this opportunity has resulted in invaluable memories and taught me the importance of networking and building relationships, particularly for such a vast business where every aspect contributes in its own way to keep Heathrow running. My internship has helped me to realise what personally matters to me, regarding the skills I want to develop next and in doing so, the steps I need to take and roles I’d like to experience to within Heathrow.

    One of my favourite aspects about working at Heathrow is the day to day variety. As cliché as it sounds, all experiences are unique and this brings about a lot of pride when I share news updates with friends and family. Everyone is committed to get involved with different opportunities across Heathrow, meet new people and learn about various aspects of this multifaceted business. The Heathrow culture is fully supportive of getting this exposure, through collaborating and shadowing as it’s vital to broaden each and everyone’s understanding.

    Callum Shortland - Intern


    Callum Shortland

    Beatyriz Martin Febrel- Intern


    Beatriz Martin Febrel