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  • Intern

    The thing that drew me to Heathrow was its size and scale. There are more than 75,000 people working at the airport, and millions of passengers pass through every year. I think of it as a mini city with global significance.

    I began my career here on a year-long internship. I was based within Heathrow Express, first as part of the commercial and sales team and then within operations and engineering. At the same time, I got heavily involved in diversity and inclusion at Heathrow, helping to launch four of our diversity networks, which are designed to support inclusion among colleagues from minority groups. I have also been working hard to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.

    After completing my internship I moved onto the Future Leaders Programme. I have just started my first placement with the security team in Terminal 2. My plan is to build on the foundation the internship has given me and continue developing my knowledge, experience and leadership skills.

    Someone recently described me as a role model in the business. It was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me. It made me realise that just because you’re young and relatively new to the business does not mean you are insignificant or cannot lead by example.

    My advice to anyone applying for the programme is think about what really makes you stand out. Heathrow depends on having a diverse range of passionate people with different perspectives, ideas and skills. While nobody expects you to arrive here with specialist knowledge, you do need to be driven to learn and develop right from the word go.

    Beatyriz Martin Febrel- Intern


    Beatriz Martin Febrel

    Callum Shortland - Intern


    Callum Shortland