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  • Finance Intern

    My work was very dynamic from start to finish. I analysed the revenue that Heathrow makes through airlines, restaurants, retail & surface access and built a dashboard to make the analysis more seamless. I met with potential investors both in London and at Heathrow and was involved in various meetings with the CEO and CFO for releasing Heathrow’s Financial Press Release. I also learnt about how Heathrow takes care of ultra-high net-worth individuals, celebrities and royalty when they travel through the airport.

    Heathrow gave me a wide range of opportunities to get involved with to allow me to develop various skills, I met investors, communicated with the CFO and CEO and went out to local universities and schools to promote workplace opportunities for young people at Heathrow. I frequently led meetings and presented in front of managers, directors and executives, improving my leadership, confidence and presentation skills. Heathrow is also an exciting and unique environment to work in with something always going on and the opportunity to learn about and work in the operation through Here to Help when incidents occur, developing your flexibility and analytical skills that you wouldn’t necessarily develop in an office environment.

    The obvious focus Heathrow places on your personal development drove me to pursue an internship at Heathrow. You are given a strong support network consisting of a line-manager, Emerging Talent manager and a ‘buddy’ and the opportunity to work on and even lead live projects. Heathrow also allow you to go on free courses such as Insights and Purpose & Values to give you a deeper understanding of how you work best alone and with others, it can really change the way you perceive yourself and work.

    The internship gave me industrial experience in a unique and vibrant company, allowing me to rotate around various teams and shadow other departments such as Airport Operations, this gave me a great insight of what I want to go into but also equally what I don’t want to go into. My soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication have developed which I will be able to transfer to my career and I have also developed an understanding of how businesses work which I didn’t have before.

    I got to see the airport from some really unique places. I had a project to arrange as many tours as possible for our cohort this year, this included a VIP tour, T2 roof, Animal Reception Centre, Control Tower & A380 tour. We also completed an Intern Project we had 5 months to come up with a creative solution as a team to a real problem that Heathrow were facing, this allowed us a creative break from our day jobs and an opportunity to work as a team towards a solution that we later got to present to the CEO, other executives, directors and managers, this is not an opportunity that you would get at many other companies.

    Paul Johnston - Intern


    Paul Johnston

    Sandra Clement - Intern


    Sandra Clement

    Sandra Clement - Intern