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  • Beatriz Martin Febrel

    Beatriz Martin Febrel


    My passion for aircraft is what first attracted me to Heathrow. I was studying for an MEng in aerospace engineering at the University of Southampton, and I was interested in Heathrow’s drive to use the latest technology to improve the passengers’ airport experience.

    I managed to gain lots of experience during my time as an intern. I spent six months in Engineering and six months in the Development team – and, for my last placement, I had responsibility for delivering three capital infrastructure projects, albeit within a controlled and supportive environment. Along the way, I was able to develop the knowledge and skills to secure the role of Development Project Manager, which I am working in now.

    My current role involves leading Airfield Taxiway Infrastructure projects. I plan the strategy for each project and then manage the project resources to ensure that all the key milestones are achieved.

    I have big ambitions for my future here. In the short term, I am looking forward to working in different areas of Development and gaining new perspectives on project management. One day, I would like to be able to lead a major infrastructure project that changes the story and history of Heathrow. 

    One thing I love about this organisation is its diversity. It is not often you find equal numbers of men and women working together in an engineering environment, but that’s what we have in my current team. The Heathrow culture is collaborative and inclusive.

    People are passionate about working at Heathrow. Everyone here is a committed to doing the right thing, and we all strive to provide the passengers with the best airport experience in the world.

    Sandra Clement - Intern


    Sandra Clement

    Paul Johnston - Intern


    Paul Johnston

    Paul Johnston - Intern