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  • Finance Analyst - Baggage Operations

    Since joining Heathrow as a graduate in Finance, I have had great exposure to build my operational knowledge. My role has enabled me to business partner with different stakeholders such as Baggage Operations, Procurement, Development Finance and many more. I have been given the chance to explore the systems first hand. I have seen and followed the luggage journey and it has really motivated me to continue my hard work as a Finance Analyst. It has helped me to expand my network and learn about the unique business that I work in and how it functions to be so successful.

    Heathrow has so much variety and working within the Finance function means you have genuine interaction with many different areas of the business. When I step back and look at the bigger picture, I am a key player in delivering and preparing financial targets and submissions for the UK’s biggest transport hub, and it is an amazing feeling.

    My biggest highlight since starting Heathrow is successfully producing the Baggage Operations budget. Having spent the best part of 5 months working on the end-to-end submission of the budget, I was recognised by the finance leadership team and operational colleagues for the precise budget breakdown that I had produced. Although, the work itself was satisfying, the recognition that I received made me feel appreciated and showed that my hard work had paid off.

    Building trust and credibility with my business partners has been one of my biggest challenges since starting Heathrow. As I am working with a diverse range of people cross-functionally, it was vital that I gained their trust by demonstrating that I have the ability to produce high quality work on a consistent basis. Proving my ability has really helped to boost my confidence and has shown me how Heathrow lives by their value of working as one team.

    I love working at Heathrow Airport because every day is completely different. From busy summer holidays to icy winters; we plan, forecast and foresee any opportunities that help the business run efficiently and effectively. Although my role is not directly based in the operation, I know that I play a crucial role in the baggage team. I love working at Heathrow and look forward to coming into new challenges at work everyday.

    Emily Whitshire - Business Manager

    Finance Analyst

    Emily Whitshire

    Daniel Opoku - Finance Analyst

    Finance Analyst

    Daniel Opoku

    Daniel Opoku - Finance Analyst