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  • Engineering Future Leader

    My first placement is with Terminal 2 Engineering for 3 months. 

    The main project I am currently working on involves analysing and optimising the maintenance of the air-bridges to adopt a condition-based approach rather than the existing time-based maintenance schedule. It feels great to be given the responsibility to work on such a high-level project so quickly and embrace the chance to make real positive changes within the operation.

    I always had ambitions of working with the senior management little did I know within my first month I would be presenting alongside them to the CEO and COO during the Engineering & Asset Management Showcase! The aim of the showcase was to bring our Engineering EDGE vision to life, demonstrating how we are continuously improving our assets for our customers.

    The programme is tailored in line with the competencies required to achieve chartership status whereby the placements organised and amount of rotation during the 2 years gives the necessary exposure, and there is a lot of support throughout the process. There is a great balance between the structured plan of the placements and the encouragement to experience many different aspects of the business.

    As an engineer I am always looking for problems to solve and constantly questioning to understand the ‘big picture’; I really enjoy that Heathrow is a place that embraces and encourages this mindset. Working for a large, fast paced company as a graduate gives you so much access to learn from a diverse set of people and to experience such a wide range of departments.

    A genuine excitement to work at the airport is so important and so evident in everyone you work with. Being one of the world’s busiest airports, a lot is happening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year especially in Engineering, so being adaptable and enquiring is key.

    I love working within one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the UK. I am regularly given opportunities to push me out of my comfort zone, but with the enthusiasm of the people I am surrounded by, coupled with the airport-wide drive to share knowledge and improve, means my inspiration and motivation to come to work every day never fades.


    Mohammad Taher - Engineering graduate

    Engineering Graduate

    Mohammad Taher

    Mohammad Taher - Engineering graduate

    Engineering Future Leader

    Marina Del Panta

    Mohammad Taher - Engineering graduate