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Our Carbon Strategy

Climate Change. We need to talk about the elephant in the airport.

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, and as a major player in the aviation industry a conversation about the subject is never going to be an easy one.

We acknowledge our carbon footprint is part of the problem but here you can find out about our commitment to being part of the solution.


Our net zero plan

From sourcing 100% renewable electricity to power our terminals, to supporting sustainable fuels, our carbon strategy is helping us build a more sustainable airport for the flyers of today & tomorrow.


What can our passengers do?

By partnering with global SAF leader, SkyNRG and climate-tech company, CHOOOSE, we are making it easy for you to offset your carbon footprint from flying, including through ‘SAF offsets’.


Addressing carbon on the ground

Together with our industry partners, we are working towards net zero carbon from air travel by 2050.


Addressing carbon in the air

Working with our partners, we want to create a hub for progress and encourage new approaches to sustainability across the industry.

Heathrow 2.0

Our plan for sustainable growth, Heathrow 2.0, sets out how we will improve life for colleagues and communities, contribute to a thriving economy and help to tackle global challenges such as climate change.