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Delhi travel guide

Safdarjang's mausoleum, New Delhi


Travellers in Delhi will probably have to navigate their share of sweaty crowds, insistent beggars and heavy traffic, as well as come face to face with some unpleasant smells, noises and sights, but the city is also home to astounding beauty, friendliness and wealth, with many treasures to be found amid the clamour of everyday life.

Delhi is a city of contrasts, where an elephant can overtake an overheated Italian sports car on the streets, where colonial mansions stand next to squatter slums, and where cows are revered, but musicians are labelled 'untouchable'. The city's pace is chaotic, yet strangely relaxed, making it ideal for exploring. Visitors are almost certain to have some strange and exotic experiences.

With a long and troubled history, Delhi is full of fascinating temples, museums, mosques and forts, each with a distinctive architectural style. In Old Delhi, visitors will find a charming selection of colourful bazaars and narrow winding alleys. In comparison, New Delhi - the city created to reflect the might of the British Empire - consists of tree-lined avenues, spacious parks and sombre-looking government buildings.

While Delhi itself could fill many holidays, the city is also ideal as a base for visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, and it provides the best links for travelling to the hill stations in northern India.

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