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Sunset over Mykonos


This upmarket Greek island is a sophisticated, fashionable favourite, particularly for the gay traveller, and probably because of its popularity it has become reputedly the most expensive of all the islands. Its designer shops, colourful tavernas and throbbing dance clubs are doing a roaring trade, but despite the trendy crowds and a couple of well-attended nudist beaches, the island retains its traditional flavour with its trademark thatched windmills turning slowly on the hill. Tourists to Mykonos who would like to do some serious sightseeing can visit the archaeological museum on the island, which displays some finds from the necropolis on nearby Rhenia. It is also possible to take a trip across to the uninhabited island of Delos (just six nautical miles away), which is an important UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, having been the religious centre of the Aegean in ancient times, and associated with some captivating ancient myths and a history almost as interesting. Explore the temples and the Avenue of the Lions, and see some stunning archaic sculptures in the museum.

Mykonos has really lovely beaches, the most famous of which is the aptly named Paradise Beach. Super Paradise next door is also very popular, as are Platis Gialos, Paraga and Agios Ioannis (which is a good option if you prefer to avoid crowds).

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