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Parliament Square by night


Located in the Sofia Valley, the capital city of Bulgaria lies at the foot of the imposing Mount Vitosha, and is the centre of the country's political, economic and cultural life.

Founded over 7,000 years ago around numerous hot and cold mineral springs, which are still operating today, the fortunes of Sofia have flourished and declined along with the variety of civilisations who have made it home. It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and numerous archaeological, cultural and historical monuments from its rich Thracian, Byzantine, Roman, Slav and Turkish history have been preserved among the modern edifices. The blend of the new and the old lends a charming quality to the capital, which is known to be a very attractive city.

Despite its modern, cosmopolitan nature, Sofia has a laid back atmosphere and the proximity of Mount Vitosha, offering myriad recreational opportunities on the city's doorstep, adds to the relaxed feel of the city. Like any distinguished European capital, Sofia also has a wealth of museums and galleries, and boasts plenty of cultural entertainment.

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