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Taipei 101 and city skyline


Taipei, the capital of the island nation of Taiwan, is hot, crowded, chaotic and cosmopolitan, one of the Asian 'tiger' cities that throbs with life day and night. The city skyscrapers reach up from a basin in the north of Taiwan, which is separated from the Chinese mainland by the narrow Formosa Strait. For decades the recognition of the independence of Taiwan has been an issue domestically and internationally, and the dispute is still simmering.

Considered to be one of the major hubs of the Chinese-speaking world, Taipei itself has grown from a swampy farming settlement into a modern metropolis in an extraordinarily short time, most of this development having taken place since World War II. Now a city of incredible contrast, with a unique sense of both the modern and the traditional, Taipei has a richness and depth of character seldom matched elsewhere.

The districts of Taipei swarm with a conglomeration of cultures going about their business in streets choked with unruly traffic. A bustling city, it is packed with incredible attractions, excellent restaurants (it is renowned among gourmands) and magnificent hotels. The city also gleams with glitzy shopping malls and wonderful museums; and when the noise and excitement gets too much there are also temples, spas and peaceful gardens for those in search of tranquillity.

Whether visitors are just stopping over for a short while on business, or staying on to enjoy this unique Asian city, Taipei is an eclectic and interesting destination which will certainly make for a memorable stay.

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