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Oviedo travel guide

Escandalera Square in the center of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain


Oviedo offers travellers the charm and character of an old Spanish town as well as a modern, contemporary feel with its sophisticated shopping streets, incredible restaurants and active nightlife. It is a beautiful, hilly city with well-preserved historic enclaves but also a large student population that keeps things lively.

The old capital city of Asturias, picturesque Oviedo is positioned about 12 miles (20km) south of the coastal cities of Gijon and Aviles. Although not on the shoreline itself, Oviedo has a pleasant maritime climate which makes it an enjoyable spot to soak up local history and the rich architectural tradition of northern Spain.

With lots to see and do in Oviedo, visitors have numerous sightseeing options. The Catedral de Oviedo, a striking Gothic cathedral dating back to the 14th century, the UNESCO-listed Iglesia de Santa Maria del Naranco, and the Baroque, 17th-century Palace of the Count of Toreno, are just a few of the historic gems you will find in this atmospheric old city. Both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeology Museum are also popular choices for the culturally inquisitive.

Those more interested in eating and shopping their way around the city won't be disappointed either. A good starting point is the Plaza del Fontan, in the heart of Oviedo's old quarter, where travellers can watch city life go by and sample local delicacies in the restaurants and market stalls.

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