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Working group meeting notes

On this page you can find information relating to the HCNF Working Groups including meeting notes and presentations.

Working Group 1: Monitoring and verification

29 June 2016

Meeting notes

09DET monitor location and gate update

Possible permanent monitor locations

5 May 2016

Meeting notes

8 March 2016

Meeting notes

Working Group 2: Operating procedures

30 June 2016

Meeting notes

Understanding climb gradients and noise

Steeper approach trial summary

Heathrow arrivals teach in

Airline survey initial analysis

12 May 2016

Meeting notes

Airline survey

Study into weight and weather on aircraft performance

Footprints and contours

3 March 2016

Meeting notes

Working Group 3: Night operations / scheduling conditions

23 June 2016

Meeting notes

Night alternation

SID respite analysis

Quiet night charter initial analysis

Aircraft scheduling and SID routings

9 May 2016

Meeting notes (206KB PDF)

Night flight study (565KB PDF)

Quiet night charter possibilities (544KB PDF)

25 February 2016

Meeting notes (206KB PDF)

Voluntary quiet night charter NQP overview (1.2MB PDF)

Working Group 4: Research, policy and communications

22 June 2016

Meeting notes

AIP presentation

Passenger growth within 480k ATM cap

4 May 2016

Meeting notes

Noise and health research overview

22 February 2016

Meeting notes

WG4 meeting presentation

Make a noise complaint

Community relations team at work

Report aircraft noise in your area

Log a complaint

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