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Forum meeting notes 2016

On this page you can find the information relating to the Heathrow Community Noise Forum including minutes and presentations from meetings in 2016.

21 September 2016

Meeting notes

21 September 2016 (173KB PDF)


Phases Of A Departure (686KB PDF)

Working Group Updates (2.6MB PDF)

Voluntary Quiet Night Charter Status Update (1.8MB PDF)

Arrivals Efficiencies Work (588KB PDF)

ACL Slot Coordination (1.1MB PDF)

6 July 2016

Meeting notes

6 July 2016 (160KB PDF)


HCNF Working Group Updates (1.1MB PDF)

Heathrow Slightly Steeper Approach Trial Summary (332KB PDF)

HCNF Met Office Presentation (2.8MB PDF)

18 May 2016

Meeting notes

18 May 2016 (227KB PDF)


Heavily Populated Areas (257KB PDF)

Respite Research Outline (1.3MB PDF)

Voluntary Quiet Night Charter (632KB PDF)

14 April 2016

Meeting notes

14 April 2016 (222KB PDF)


Heathrow Governance of Noise (95KB PDF)

CAA Consultation on the Airspace Change Decision-Making Process (1.1MB PDF)

SID Climb Gradient Study (1.0MB PDF)

Working Group Action Plan (224KB PDF)

25 January 2016

Meeting notes

25 January 2016 (226KB PDF)


Government Attendance at the HCNF (162KB PDF)

NLR - data verification (1.8MB PDF)

Previous meeting notes and presentations can be found here.

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