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Forum meeting notes 2015

On this page you can find the information relating to the Heathrow Community Noise Forum including minutes and presentations from meetings in 2015.

5 November 2015

Meeting notes

5 November 2015 (226KB PDF)


NLR - data verification (1MB PDF)

14 September 2015

Meeting notes

14 September 2015 (297KB PDF)


NLR - Data verification (1MB PDF)

Initial data analysis (6MB PDF)

Noise impacts - trial reports (2MB PDF)

Teddington and Twickenham data analysis (13MB PDF)

8 July 2015

Meeting notes

8 July 2015 (316KB PDF)


CAA - Airspace regulation (4MB PDF)

Heathrow - A380 introduction (502KB PDF)

BA - Take-off profiles (630KB PDF)

CAA - A380 noise levels (315KB PDF)

Heathrow - Steeper approach trial (1MB PDF)

18 May 2015

Meeting notes

18 May 2015 (316KB PDF)


Noise infringements (773KB PDF)

Noise modelling (2.5MB PDF)

13 April 2015

Meeting notes

13 April 2015 (305KB PDF)


Date verification options (316KB PDF)

2 March 2015

Meeting notes

2 March 2015 (262KB PDF)


Heathrow Community Noise Forums (3MB PDF)

Data used in monitoring and modelling (2.2MB PDF)

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