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Airports commission timeline

The government set up the independent Airports Commission to recommend how best to maintain the UK’s status as an international hub for aviation.

The Commission has shortlisted three submissions:

  1. Our revised third runway proposal, Taking Britain Further
  2. The ‘Heathrow Hub’ proposal (promoted by a company unconnected to us) to extend Heathrow’s northern runway to the west
  3. A proposal for a second runway at Gatwick

The Commission is currently reviewing these options – and also currently considering whether the Mayor of London’s proposal to build a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary should be added to the shortlist.

It is anticipated that the Commission will consult publicly on its assessment of the shortlisted proposals this autumn, before submitting its recommendations to the government in summer 2015.

If the government makes a clear decision after the Commission reports, planning consent could be delivered by 2019, we could have the third runway operational in 2025.

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