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About Procurement

Welcome to Procurement


The procurement function procures and manages a range of contracts on behalf of Heathrow, from maintenance and professional services to hardware and utilities - essentially all goods and services required to keep our airports operational.

In conjunction with Airport Management and our Business Support Centre, Procurement are responsible for the overall purchasing process in the company, from raising a requisition to paying supplier invoices.

What we buy

  • Operations management - Responsible for the sourcing and management of airport services including cleaning, compliance, PRM (passenger reduced mobility) services, police, security, aviation services, airside and landside grounds maintenance.
  • Utilities and fuel - Responsible for the sourcing and management of utilities supplies (electricity, natural gas and water), utility infrastructure assets and metering, data collection and revenue collection from the on sale of utility supplies to airport tenants. The section is also responsible for the sourcing of the road transportation fuels and also for jet fuel infrastructure planning issues.
  • Consultancy services - Management Consultancy & Professional services incorporating Finance, Legal, Environment, Security Transportation, Occupational Health, Property, Development and Corporate
  • Baggage handling systems - Covers all products and services related to Baggage Operations and Maintenance.
  • Office supplies and services - Stationary and office consumables including office furniture
  • Marketing and communication services - Advertising, audio and visual media services, print and electronic design services, market research, event management, media buying, sales promotions and public relations
  • Travel and transport - Fleet management and operational vehicles. Also includes provision of travel agent to book Business travel and meetings & events
  • Construction - Covers all requirements related to the delivery of materials and services needed for the delivery of Capital Projects. This also includes some major maintenance activities carried out by our construction suppliers.
  • IT and telecommunication - Covers IT managed services, IT infrastructure (hardware, software & support), Applications (development, support & maintenance), Telecoms (infrastructure, maintenance & support), IT labour / consultancy.
  • Local Airport Procurement - Responsible for local purchasing requirements at airport level.

Our procurement policy

Heathrow is committed to procuring from the marketplace to achieve the best value whilst minimising the risk. We adopt a clear, concise and fair contracting basis and ensure that all parties understand their obligations and liabilities so exceptional performance can be achieved.

Standard conditions of trading

Heathrow Standard Trading Terms & Conditions (77KB PDF)

The Heathrow Terms & Conditions for the purchase of goods and/or services are our minimum conditions of trading. In addition to these, there is an extensive suite of contract forms available to use for different procurement requirements. All items will be procured using the correct Heathrow form of contract for the works, services or goods being procured. They will identified and made available at the time of tender.

Heathrow operates a 'No PO, No Pay policy', please do not provide any works, services or goods without a valid Contract/PO.

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