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There is not one part of Heathrow that IT does not touch, from parking to check in and security to shopping.

Imagine being part of a team that sees off 69 million passengers a year, manages 480,000 flights a year and works with 83 airlines flying to 175 destinations. Working in IT allows all that to happen.

The aviation industry is unique and complex and IT can help transform one of the world’s busiest airports into a smart city. This involves the delivery of the next generation of operational performance for the airport by understanding the systems, people and processes used every day.

Sources of information include everything from;

  • Aircraft movements both in the air and on the ground
  • Locations of all support vehicles (from catering trucks to baggage tugs)
  • Aircraft stand availability information
  • Passenger details from arriving and departing flights
  • Staff availability from resource management systems
  • Localised and national weather and bag location data.

This is big data, on a big scale.

Emerging technologies and processes will enable Heathrow to deliver on its vision, "to become Europe's hub of choice by making every journey better".

This involves the development of everything from autonomous vehicles to visual recognition systems, and from biometrics to helping passengers via their mobile devices. The possibilities are endless!

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