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Fire service

At Heathrow, the safety of our passengers, customers, staff and property is of paramount importance.

We have a fully equipped, fully regulated fire station on site dedicated wholly to the airport.

There is a special focus on aviation and aircraft rescue matters, underpinned by a structured training framework that all our firefighters undertake.

While full training is given to new recruits, we also provide skills gap analysis and top-up training for the experienced applicants we take on board.

Heathrow Fire Station offers a range of roles:

  • Airport Fire Manager: Controlling the airport station
  • Operational Station Manager: Taking charge of each shift
  • Watch Managers: Providing day-to-day support, supervision and training
  • Crew Commander: Supervising the duty watch
  • Firefighters.

Our shift patterns operate on 12-hour rosters, the majority of which are taken up with training. It's thanks to this fantastic training that we can provide some of the best opportunities for firefighters in the UK.