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Security Patroller

Security partroller“Ever since I was little I’ve always been fascinated by airports and the whole environment. It’s a community within a community. It never sleeps and it’s an ever changing, exciting place to work… action packed and fun-filled!

“I opted for a total career change and came into Heathrow as a Security Officer. Now I’m a Security Patroller and I absolutely love it.

“It’s the variety that makes it so interesting. You never know what’s going to happen next. There are periods of intense concentration, like when we’re monitoring CCTV, we can’t let our attention slip for a second.

“In Security Patrol we work landside and airside, keeping an eye on things through perimeter driving patrols, walking patrols, radar and CCTV. The Patroller section is increasing in size at the moment so there are plenty of opportunities for development.

“You get lots of encouragement and management support, and there’s no discrimination – as long as you can do the job that’s all that matters.

“The benefits and the training are great, but to be honest it’s the variety in the job that keeps me here. I intend to stay here until I retire.”