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IT Business Partner

IT business partner“IT drives virtually every function of Heathrow, from crucial flight information systems to car parks, media and advertising, shopping malls, you name it. As the link between the IT community and groups of internal customers, I have to understand what systems they use to support their business and help them to develop or upgrade those systems. The variety is incredible.

“A key part of my role is to keep tabs on what’s emerging in the technology marketplace and think about how we could take advantage.

“For example, things like i-pads, i-phones and social media are now part and parcel of making things work at Heathrow. And as I speak there’ll be something being invented that one day will be helping us to enhance the passenger experience.

“This summer we’ll be launching digital mapping to help passengers in their journey around the airport. Working with so many different customers and all the new things people want to talk about really stretches my thinking.

“In the ten years I’ve been here, 2012 was the most amazing, with the Olympics and Paralympics being huge for Heathrow. It was very satisfying to see our information systems working really well under such pressure and with the world looking on. I think it brought Heathrow to the front of people’s minds.”