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Female Security Officer

Female security officer"When I first heard about the role, at the time ‘security’ had a different connotation for me and I thought it was more like a bouncer or bodyguard, so not the right thing for me. Until I started I didn’t realise that it was more of a customer service role.

"Some passengers think security might be a bit daunting, so it’s really rewarding when you know you’ve used your customer service skills to put them at their ease and made their journey through security as comfortable and pleasant as you can. The instant feedback of a smile and a thank you makes you feel good.

"Although it’s shift work there’s a whole variety of rosters and part-time opportunities available, so it’s very flexible. I think this is really good for mums who want to work but have other commitments to fit around. I sometimes wonder if some women who would be really good in this job are put off by the word ‘security’, like I nearly was. If you’re a good ‘people person’ you’ll really thrive in the role, whatever your age or gender."