Responsible Heathrow 2020 - Noise.

Heathrow delivers significant benefits for the UK, but there are downsides too, including the impact of noise on local residents.

Heathrow is already at the forefront of international management of aircraft noise and continues to work hard to reduce its impact by encouraging quieter aircraft and operating procedures and supporting local communities with noise insulation and compensation programmes.

Our ambition

Reduce the impact of noise and support local communities with noise mitigation and compensation schemes.


On track.

100% aircraft are quieter by international standards (ICAO Chapter 4 or better) by 2020


The proportion of ICAO Chapter 4 aircraft operating at Heathrow remains at 99.2% in 2015


Goal complete.

90% Noise Action Plan actions are on track or complete annually


90% actions were verified as complete or on track in 2015

On track.

At least 75% of arriving aircraft operate Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) by 2020


The proportion of aircraft operating CDA compliance has decreased slightly from 87.4% in 2014 to 87.3% in 2015

Behind progress.

0 breaches of current daytime noise limit by 2015 and a reduction in night infringements from 2006-2015


In 2015 there were 9 breaches of daytime noise limits and 27 night infringements

Deliver and engage communities in effective noise insulation schemes each year


In 2015, 767 households responded to our engagement in relation to noise insulation schemes.

On track

Improve community perception that Heathrow is doing all it can to manage noise annually


The number of individual noise complainants decreased from 8,458 people in 2014 to 5,573 in 2015.


Performance as at January 2014

Behind progress indicatorBehind progress

On track indicatorOn track

Complete indicatorComplete

Heathrow’s Sustainable Mobility Zone in partnership with Guardian Sustainable Business