Responsible Heathrow 2020 - Safety

Keeping everyone safe is one of our values and always our first concern.

Looking after everyone at Heathrow is critical to being a responsible business and to running our airport efficiently. Our aim is to ensure that nobody at the airport is affected by accident, illness or injury.

Our ambition

Ensure that nobody at the airport is affected by accident, illness or injury.


Goal complete.

At least 10% annual reduction in employee and passenger injuries


Passenger accidents (within Heathrow's control per 1 million passengers) – 14% reduction in 2015, Colleague Lost Time Injuries (per 100,000 hours worked) – 11increase


Goal complete.

Reduce employee accidents through engaging them in "Heathrow Safe - It starts with all of us" annually


Reportable colleague injuries per 100,000 hours worked have increased by 14% between 2014 and 2015 from 0.07 to 0.08

On track.

Create a cross company safety footprint for Heathrow


A Safety Working Group has been established through the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership to commence data alignment and collection for a safety footprint.


2015 Performance 

Behind progress indicator.  Behind progress
On track indicator. On track
Complete indicator.  Complete
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Sustainability performance

CR index 2015 and 2014, business in the community awards and 2013 Big Tick award

Here's how Business In The Community rated our performance in its annual CR Index.

  • 4 stars 2015
  • 4 stars 2014
  • Platinum Big Tick 2013
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