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We turn waste cooking oil into fuel

Responsible Heathrow case study

We turn waste cooking oil into fuel

Many of Heathrow’s restaurants and lounges use cooking oil to prepare food for the 200,000 passengers who travel through the airport each day. This oil needs to be disposed of responsibly, to make sure it doesn’t block pipes or pollute water courses.

Rather than throw used cooking oil away, we use a local recycling company to turn it into biodiesel – a more sustainable fuel that can be used by diesel vehicles. We collected over 90,000 litres of cooking oil in 2014, which produced around 85,000 litres of biodiesel. The biodiesel is used by local private hire companies. By using a proportion of biodiesel in their fuel tanks, they are also cutting CO2 emissions.

This is helping us move towards achieving our goal to recycle 70% of the waste generated at Heathrow by 2020 and reduce emissions from vehicles at the airport.

Through the Heathrow Cooking Oil Recycling Club, the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership is encouraging other airport companies to recycle their cooking oil locally and to use the biodiesel back at the airport – closing the loop!

Responsible Heathrow 2020 is our commitment to supporting the UK and local economies and reducing Heathrow’s environmental impacts, while looking after our people and passengers. It is helping us achieve our ambition to be one of the most responsible airports in the world.

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