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Videos: The Heathrow people making an environmental difference

In a new series of videos, we’ve taken a look at the environmental and sustainability projects that take place behind the scenes of Heathrow.

Each of the videos features Heathrow employees directly involved in improving environmental conditions.

One of the videos captures the moment when Adam Cheeseman, Heathrow's Biodiversity Manager, discovers a brand new arrival at our airport. Meet Conistra Vaccinii – a chestnut moth that has just made the natural habitats around Heathrow home.

Over 170 hectares of biodiversity areas managed by Heathrow

You may find it surprising to hear that Heathrow manages more than 170 hectares of freshwater lakes, reedbeds and woodland. These sites are home to 2,375 different species of flora and fauna – including the Conistra Vaccinii (and the four other new species Adam found on the same day!).

We believe protecting and fostering these species is an important part of being a responsible business. With expansion, we hope to enhance and add to these green spaces, ultimately creating a 15-mile green corridor with expansion.

Heathrow was the first airport in the UK to be awarded a biodiversity benchmark by the Wildlife Trust, and we have just celebrated our 8th year with this recognition.

Electric vehicles, Pre-Conditioned Air, and changing lightbulbs

Terminal 3 forecourt

Also included in the videos are how Heathrow has plans to build on the 850 electric vehicles already operating at the airport and install even more electric vehicle charging points across the airport.

Heathrow's Airside Environment Manager Spencer Thomas takes a closer look at Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) facilities, which are electric air-conditioning points at aircraft stands that allow for less engine use.

Utilities Manager Kevin Denny looks at how Heathrow is investing in more energy efficient electricity use including changing 70,000 lightbulbs to LED lamps – including in the Terminal 3 forecourt.

Watch the sustainability improvements at Heathrow video playlist