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Reducing electricity from escalators

Responsible Heathrow case study

We power down until you show up

At Heathrow, we have hundreds of escalators and travelators across our five terminals helping our passengers and staff to travel around the airport. The provision and maintenance of these play a big part to achieve our vision of making every journey better. We believe that doing business responsibly is integral to achieving our vision.

To reduce our carbon emissions from using energy, we are retrofitting run-on-demand technology to our escalators and travelators in Terminals 3, 4 and 5 so that they only use energy when they are needed. Terminal 2’s escalators and travelators were fitted with this technology prior to its opening in June 2014.

From trials, we have estimated that this will cut energy used by escalators and travelators by 50%. This is helping us work towards our target to achieve a 34% reduction in CO2 emissions from energy use in our buildings by 2020 (from a 1990 baseline in line with Government CO2 targets).

Responsible Heathrow 2020 is our commitment to supporting the UK and local economies and reducing Heathrow’s environmental impacts, while looking after our people and passengers. It is helping us achieve our ambition to be one of the most responsible airports in the world.

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